Japspeed Classic Impreza Intercooler & Filter Kit

The classic Subaru Impreza is an absolute performance bargain, but with models now reaching over 15-years-old there are several areas of improvement needed. One of the most common problems is the standard top-mount intercooler which is not only small in size but also prone to heat soak.

Japspeed’s front mount intercooler kit is the perfect way to safely increase horsepower and reduct inlet temperature. The colder the inlet temperature, the denser the airflow which in turn means more power at the same booset level. What’s more, each intercooler kit has been designed to give maximum cooling with minimal pressure drop.

This kit measures at 24 x 12 inch with a 3 inch inlet/outlet. Fully TIG welded with polished aluminium pipework, this awesome looking kit comes with all the necessary clamps and silicone hoses capable of handling up to 600bhp! Fitting instructions are supplied – please consult an expert if you are unsure of anything.

Available for just £299 including VAT and delivery within the UK mainland. Fits Subaru Impreza Classic 1993 – 1996 turbo models.

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