Japspeed Universal Oil Catch Tanks

Japspeed are pleased to offer a range of universal Oil Catch Tanks perfect for turbo applications or any high performance engine. A catch tank is designed to collect the excess crankcase gases before they’re fed back into the inlet of the engine to be burnt off, compromising maximum performance.

The use of an oil catch tank collects the oil mist and condenses the fuel vapors while allowing ‘cleaner’ gases to be passed back into the intake instead.

The Japspeed catch tanks measure at 65mm x 80mm x 180mm (15mm inlet/outlet pipes) allowing them to be easily fitted in any engine bay. Made from 100% aluminium the tanks look super stylish and come with all the relevant parts for fitting, including bracket, hoses and clamps, all for just £59.99.

For additional images and information please contact Japspeed on sales@japspeed.co.uk or phone us on 08450 212 312.

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