Rotor Discs (all models)

Japspeed are proud to stock a wide range of ‘Rotor Discs’ for all Japanese car models including the Nissan Skyline and 200sx, Toyota Supra and Celica, Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru Impreza and much more. Rotor Discs are a direct replacement for worn OEM discs and require zero modification to fit. Aside from their unique look, Rotor Discs have much more improved cooling capacity thanks to shape which encourages airflow through the disc. What’s more Rotor Discs are much lighter than the standard items too, with an average 10% weight reduction (Audi TT front discs save 1.36kg alone!).

Rotor Discs feature 8 grooves giving increased friction improving stopping power and allowing hot gasses to escape whilst stopping the disc and pads from glazing over, keeping stopping power throughout the life of the discs. Each disc is Unichrome Zinc Plated to help prevent rust on upswept surface.

Key benefits:

  • Direct OEM replacement – no modification needed.
  • 10% lighter than standard discs.
  • Grooved to increase friction and improve stopping power.
  • Unichrome Zinc Plated to help prevent rust.
  • Manufactured in our BS ISO 9001 certificed machine shop.
  • Unique look which also encourages air flow through the disc.
  • Available for a huge range of models and sizes – not just Japanese cars!

Rotor Discs cost

  • Price dependant on model – typically £159 per set
  • For a full range of available models please visit
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