Slide Show at Autosport 2016


Following tradition of previous years the 2016 drift season kicked off for Team Japspeed in style at the annual Autosport International Show. As any petrolhead will tell you Autosport International takes pride of place as Europe’s largest indoor pre-season motorsport event covering 1 million square feet at Birmingham’s NEC.

As a unique event which caters for all levels of motorsport from Karting to Formula 1 and everything in between Autosport is no stranger to the drifting community with a number of BDC and IDC favourites showcasing their drift machines on stands throughout the event.

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Alongside an unrivalled variety of racing action, driving demonstrations, record breaking stunts as well as celebrity appearances Team Japspeed proudly took to the track for a series of drifting demonstrations before the gathered crowds at the 2016 event! With Shane Lynch, Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith and Shane ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan at the wheels the attending spectators were treated to a precise display of speed, line and angle as the team smoke up some Maxxis Tyres filling the arena with the sights and sounds of this unique and exhilarating motorsport across the 4 day show.



You may remember the unveiling of the Team Japspeed supercharged V8 370z which first broke cover at the 2015 Autosport Show…well 2016 is no different with the announcement of a brand new build joining the Japspeed fleet. Keen to remain at the forefront of drifting and demonstrate to car manufacturers just what their newer models are capable of Team Japspeed are proud to announce Paul Smokey Smith’s 2016 Toyota GT86 drift build!

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Any drift fan will be aware of the GT86’s heritage dating back the iconic AE86 Corollas so popular with drifters in the formative years of the sport. Paul Smith’s 2016 car has been designed to pay homage to the AE86 as well as the original black and white livery Japspeed are known for but also to keep in line with the new era look already unveiled on Shane Lynch’s Nissan 370z.

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Breaking cover on the Maxxis Tyres stand at Autosport the GT86 has so far been extremely well received with a flood of positive comments pouring in throughout the 4 day event. Exhibited alongside the Japspeed 370z there was scarcely a quiet moment with the pair drawing in many an admirer.  The 4 day Autosport Show gave fans a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with each of the machines as well as the wider Japspeed / Maxxis Tyres team.


A world class event showcasing an outstanding array of automotive performance disciplines. Often described as ‘petrolhead heaven’ Autosport International is one show everyone at Team Japspeed look forward to attending each and every year!

We now look forward to the beginning of the BDC and IDC 2016 season kicking off with Round 1 of the British Drift Championship 8th-9th April.

Check out for full details and tickets.

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