With the marbles from the Formula 1 cars still at the edge of the circuit, it was time for our drift cars to make some TRAX!


Regarded as one of the biggest car shows on the UK automotive calendar TRAX is a brilliant opportunity to put on a big show for the crowd tearing up the home of British Motorsport – Silverstone Circuit. This opportunity came via the British Drift Championship inviting us along with other BDC teams and drivers to put on several drift demos throughout the day.


With 4 x 40 minute drift demos throughout the day there was plenty of time to get out on the legendary circuit and demonstrate the sport of Drifting to over 15,000 people. With 5th gear entries at speeds of over 100mph this is by far one of the fastest tracks we have ever drifted in the UK. The elevated speed generates an even more exhilarating experience for the crowd. As this was a demo we were able to partake in drift trains of up to 8 cars creating a huge smoke show; which the crowd went crazy for.


With as much action off track as on, our pits were a thriving hub of activity throughout the day. With thousands of people showing interest in the assembled cars and teams, we had the opportunity to giveaway plenty of free merchandise. With the crowd amazed by what they had seen, they were eager to meet the drivers and find out more about the art of drifting. With driver meet and greets as well as signing sessions there was plenty of opportunity for the crowd to get up close to the cars and drivers with their questions.


A competition was held prior to the event by one of our major sponsors, Snap-on. The prize for this competition was a personalised tour of the Team Japspeed cars as well as tickets to the event and a VIP viewing of the on-track action.


Always a favourite event with Team Japspeed drivers we look forward to the chance to smoke up Silverstone again in 2016.


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