Subaru Classic Downpipe Sports Cat

Japspeed have just released the Subaru Classic Sports Cat as the perfect solution for Subaru owners who are looking to improve performance from their exhaust and stay on the right side of the law, or indeed just make a cost-effective upgrade to replace a failed standard Subaru catalyst.

The Japspeed Subaru bell mouth downpipe has been designed as a single piece pipe, this replaces the factory downpipe and restrictive catalytic converters. The purpose of the Japspeed Subaru Classic down pipe is to maximise the exhaust flow and turbo spool up. Replacing the downpipe has proved to be one of the most effective ways of increasing vehicle power.

You don’t have to believe us though; this is what out happy customers have been quoted saying- “I bought this downpipe along with the 3″ cat back. It’s easy enough to fit. May have to fiddle with the downpipe bracket (Which isn’t hard) and the downpipe has 2 boss connections for sensors which will need to be plugged. Once fitted, it indeed does improve turbo spool and combined with the Japspeed cat back you get an excellent flat-4 sound. I’d recommend this to anyone.” More power and a happy customer, the perfect result.


* Computerised mandrel bent 3 Inch SUS 304 fully polished stainless steel.
* TIG welded.
* Built in 100CPI sports cat.
* Full straight through 3 Inch with 1/2 inch thick flanges and 3 Inch exit.
* This downpipe has been designed to fit both the STI and the WRX with NO fitment issues.
* Gaskets included.
* Very high quality component.

Fits Subaru Impreza Classic GC8 1993-2001 all turbo models incl. WRX, STi and RA

Priced at £249 including VAT and UK mainland shipping.

contact Japspeed 08450 212 312 or email

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