Japspeed power test the new Honda Civic FN2 Type R airfilter

Proven power at Japspeed

These days everyone wants to see power graphs, so we are giving the public what they want and deserve; some proven power results from the new Honda Civic Type R FN2 air filter kit!
The basic fundamentals of engine tuning will always be- get the air in and out as quickly and smoothly as you can. The starting point in tuning is often, the air filter. Some manufactures actively engineer restrictions into cars to cap the power levels and keep the noise low and mpg high while still being drivable in a multitude of environments.

The Honda Civic Type R FN2 is one model where we felt we could make positive changes. The new Japspeed Dual Cone filter kit offers substantially better airflow than the restrictive stock panel filter. The Japspeed kit allows your engine to breathe easier, releasing extra horsepower and torque from the rev-happy V-Tec engine.
But how does it do this? It’s all down to clever design. The Dual Cone design with mesh reinforcement gives both lateral and central airflow, while a super-fine pattern of the mesh “straightens” the airflow and dramatically reduces the aerodynamic turbulence. That’s the science and function sorted out, on an athstetic level the beautiful induction kit will also dress-up your engine bay while giving your Honda Civic Type R FN2 a nice power boost, producing a deep and throaty induction roar as you pin the throttle and head for the redline. Take a look at the list of key features.

FN2 Cold AirKit


* Kit replaces the OE air filter, housing and rubber ducting.
* Increases power by 6-10 BHP and improves throttle response.
* Mandrel bent polished aluminium ducting 3 Inch (76mm) bore.
* High performance mesh reinforced dual cone filter.
* Offers longer service intervals than standard panel filters.
* This filter is fully washable and re-usable – we recommend using a K and N recharger filter care service kit to prolong the life of the filter.
* Ducting relocates dual cone filter behind the front bumper area to gain maximum cold air flow.
* Direct bolt-on replacement, can be easily fitted in minutes.
* No instructions supplied with the kit, professional mechanic install is recommend if you have no experience.
* Kit Includes polished aluminium ducting, air filter, and all necessary silicone hoses and clamps.

*fits Honda Civic FN2 2006-2010.
The test

Now all this information is good to hear, but what does it mean in the real world? We used a run-of-the-mill, daily driven and unmodified Type R as our guinea pig for the power test.

We took the test vehicle to John Clarkson Autos to strap the Civic Type R FN2 to their rolling road to see what happened. The rolling road in question was a Dastek one; ideal for giving accurate readings of what gain the kit achieves and to overlay them together so that direct comparisons can be made from the “before and after” runs.

We handed over the keys and placed all the rolling road operation in their hands. Once we had a base figure showing the cars output in a standard state, we fitted the dual cone filter kit and re-ran the car on the rollers. We are very happy with the results! The owner reported to us that the gains are noticeable when on the road, in the driver’s seat and that the engine seemed keener to rev. Take a look at the graph yourself.


Our experience of testing has shown us that some models and engines can fall short of the quoted factory power outputs, and in some cases, they make more! The Honda Civic Type R FN2 we used for this test does indeed seem to be a strong one! Pushing out 10bhp over standard, It goes to show that regular servicing does pay off! We were all happily suprised by this and duly made notes, using it as a start point to measure gains. We conducted the testing on the same day, using the same rollers and operator, doing all we could to ensure fair play for a fair test.

The end result? We recorded solid 10bhp and 8lbs.ft gains! The car is also producing it’s peak power 300rpm earlier too!  We were understandably thrilled with this news, we put the gains seen down to the increased airflow from the cone and the careful thought that went into the pipe work, because it runs much smoother, aiding rapid airflow. This isn’t some nasty peak power gain where you lose out across the range just to gain some pub-figures though. As you can see, the power is improved throughout the whole rev-range, so there are no lazy flat spots or horrible unusable peaks; just a nice, usable proven power gain for a sensible price.

Fitting will take around 2 hours due to its location behind the bumper. You can remove the front bumper for better access, or you could remove the wheel and wheel arch to gain access that way. For a neater fit, we trimmed approximately 5mm from the inner arch guard, this is not essential but we found the additional clearance made for a cleaner finished result. If you have any questions regarding fitment, our usual support and after sales customer service is available to you.

These are in stock and priced at £59.99 including shipping to UK mainland! For shipping costs Outside of Mainland UK, please ask for a quote.

To get your hands on these all you need to do is call us on 08450 212 312 to pay by debit card.
Or if you prefer you can send a PayPal payment to sales@japspeed.co.uk with a note attached to the payment providing us with your contact details, shipping address and telephone number.
Please include in your note which of our products you wish to order.

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