Japspeed Mitsubishi Evo 4/5/6 Turbo Back Exhaust System – S1

The Mitsubishi Evo is renowned for being one of the fastest 4-door saloons available and with earlier models fetching as little as £5000 they’re an absolute performance bargain. The Evo 4/5/6 era undoubtedly spawned the classic wide-arch, rally-inspired look we associate with it in 2012 and despite producing 276bhp in standard trim there is plenty more power to be unleashed!

Japspeed’s S1 Turbo-Back exhaust is the ultimate system for your Mitsubishi Evo. Constructed from T304 grade stainless steel it is guaranteed to last for many years while it’s mirror polished finish makes it look fantastic. Japspeed has specifically tuned the 4-piece exhaust to expand from 2.5in to 3in in diameter to achieve the absolute most power before exiting from our classic 4.5in tailpipe, (complete with removable silencer).

With the S1 system fitted, a 20bhp+ increase can be expected while the throttle response and turbo spool is also dramatically improved thanks to it’s free-flowing construction. As with all Japspeed products, everything needed for fitting, (including gaskets and bolts) comes with this exhaust system.

The Japspeed S1 Turb0-Back 4 piece exhaust system fit all Mitsubishi Evo 4,5 and 6 models and is available for just £349 including VAT.

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