Japspeed Mitsubishi Evo 10 Stainless Steel Tubular Manifold

The Evo X is Mitsubishi’s last incarnation of the infamous ‘Lancer’ range spawned from rallying and despite featuring a two-litre turbocharged engine and 4WD transmission in standard trim it has often been described as a little too soft and refined compared to earlier models. One of the main reasons for this is the standard exhaust system – seriously restrictive and almost silent in standard trim. Japspeed already produces a turbo-back exhaust system improving noise and throttle response, but for those looking to extract the absolute most power our tubular manifold is a must.

This high quality, stainless steel tubular manifold is a direct replacement for the standard, restrictive cast-iron unit. CAD designed to determine the absolute best gasflow, Japspeed’s tubular manifold allows exhaust gasses to exit the turbo faster therefore speeding up spool time, reducing turbo lag and improving the overall throttle response.

As with all Japspeed exhaust components, our tubular manifold is constructed from T304 stainless steel with a 2mm thick, mandrel-bent construction. As well as significantly improving torque and BHP across the rev range, (up to 15bhp), this manifold also offers a huge weight reduction over the standard item. Replacement gaskets are also included.

The Japspeed Evo X tubular manifold is priced at £299 and suitable for all 2008-2011 models.

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