Japspeed Civic TypeR EP3 De-cat Downpipe

Honda’s EP3 Type-R is one of the all-time classic hot hatches thanks to its high-revving  2.0-litre VTEC engine producing 200bhp as standard. Although impressive, there’s still plenty of potential to be had from the K20A lump with just a few key modifications. Replacing the restrictive downpipe/catalyser with a free-flowing item is one of the easiest (and cheapest).

Japspeed’s de-cat downpipe has seen gains of up to 15bhp just from this single part! Aside from being 2.5in wide in diameter, this downpipe removes the hugely restrictive  catalyser improving exhaust gas flow along with throttle response and overall power. What’s more, this is a direct replacement for the standard item – use with a standard exhaust or Japspeed uprated system for increased performance!

Constructed from T304 polished stainless steel, our de-cat downpipe is TIG welded fro maximum strength and durability. Unlike other systems, Japspeed’s features an integral resonator wall to minimise exhaust ‘boom’ giving you the best noise without sounding too raspy.

Due to the lack of catalyser, Japspeed’s de-cat downpipe will not pass an emissions test and as such is sold purely for off-road use. As with all Japspeed products the de-cat downpipe comes with all gaskets and fitting parts required – all for £99 including VAT and delivery. Suitable for all Honda Civic EP3 models from 2001-2005.

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