Japspeed Evo VIII Front Mount Intercooler in Redline Magazine!

Regular readers of performance tuning mag Redline will be up to speed with Adam’s Mitsubishi Evo VIII 260 project.

Having previously fitted a Japspeed exhaust system and carbon fibre rear wing, the car was producing 265bhp at the wheels. However this was never going to be enough. So next on the agenda for Project Evo was to upgrade the standard intercooler.

“I went on the hunt for a slightly larger alloy unit to bolt straight on in place of the original cooler, and chose the FMIC kit from the guys at Japspeed.” explains Adam. With a few hours down and the Japspeed unit was fitted along with new Samco silicone hoses. “With the bumper bolted back on, the job was almost complete, so I was very keen to see what power gains would be produced!” tells an excited Adam.

What a result it was as well! The car gained 15bhp and 15lb/ft of torque, giving the car 308bhp and 296lb/ft of torque. Not only that but the results clearly showed the FMIC made a big difference with the graph illustrating a steady curve at the higher end of the rev range compared with the wavy, fluctuating one of the standard unit.

Click the image above to see the full article.

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